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Board and Train

Dog Obedience Training

We offer one-on-one obedience training while your dog stays at our boarding kennel or on an hourly basis at our place or at your home.

Remi dog trainer

We at Wild Forest Adventures offer to board your dog and obedience train him during his stay. This is a great way to get basic obedience training started or behavioral issues addressed in an effective way. You choose whether you want your dog to be trained daily or only on certain days while he is with us. We charge $30 for a regular boarding day and $70 for boarding plus training. If you are interested in obedience training without boarding your dog, we offer hourly one-on-one classes ($40) at our place or at your home ($40 plus gas).


What does a training day look like? On top of our regular walk, play and socialization schedule, we spend 2 hours obedience training your dog. Our sessions are usually broken up into one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon with sufficient breaks in between. Depending on your goals and concerns for your dog, we develop a personalized schedule containing customized training units for the best results. Because we only train dogs one-on-one (or in some cases two dogs from the same household) and not in big groups, we can focus solely on your dog and his specific needs, personality, breed, learning style and pace.


While group dog training offers the advantage of socialization, we still ensure that your dog gets socialize with one of our own four pets. We often even use one of those four to address issues or trigger certain behaviors such as excessive barking, for example.


Topics we work on in training:


  • basic commands (sit, stay, lay down, come, no, ect.)

  • leash work and heeling

  • behavioral issues (barking, aggression, ect.)

  • socialization issues

  • body language


All three of us at Wild Forest Adventures have great experience working with all kinds of dogs. Don has owned and competitively raced sled dogs for over forty years. He has also owned and operated the boarding kennel for more than thirty years. Both Remi and Shari have worked with sled dogs for almost a decade. Shari has taught many dog owners how to enjoy ski- and bikejoring with their pets. Our obedience training is based on patience and knowledge. That’s what makes us successful. Currently, we are working on becoming certified as dog trainers in Canada through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, as both Remi and Shari gained a lot of their experience in Europe.

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