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Our Pet Sitters

Leave your beloved pets in the hands of our compassionate and experienced pet sitters, providing a safe and loving environment while you're away - your furry companions will be in the best care with us!

From dog sitting to boarding pets

Both Rémi and Shari have worked as pet sitters in the past and very much enjoyed it. "Being a pet sitter is so much fun. I mostly worked with dogs from my hometown. Dog sitting gave me the opportunity to work with many different dogs over the years. Every one of them taught me something new. As a dog sitter you never know what to expect and you have to be ready for anything" says Shari. Working at the boarding kennel is very similar in this case. "Something I love about having several boarding dogs is the interaction between them, even if they are in seperate pens. This is not something you usually see as a pet sitter".


While some sources offer good insight into who you are hiring if you need someone for pet sitting, it's hard to know what kind of pet sitter you'll get. Our boarding team, however, is highly trained and experienced to handle any kind of pet and situation. On top of that, your pet stays in a fun and exciting environment with new friends! We know what it feels like to give your beloved pet into the care of another person, during the day or overnight. Just as many pet sitters, we will keep you updated as often as you wish with pictures and videos of your furry friend.


"I started of as a pet sitter and that has trained me for running our boarding kennel now. It is being a pet sitter on a larger scale and I really enjoy it!" says Rémi.

A pet sitter's daily routine

We have over 50 sled dogs in our dog yard. Taking care of a few more dogs and other pets is simply integrated into our daily routine. In the morning our pet sitters open the access to the outdoor kennels, give fresh water and clean the pens. After our furry friends have had breakfast, they can either stay inside or play outside, depending on the weather and their preferences. In the afternoon our pet sitters walk and play with the dogs, take groups to the play pen and give out treats. In the early evening it is dinner time. Afterwards, our pet sitters enjoy a round of cuddles with all our guests.

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