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Dog and small animal boarding at Wild Forest Adventures

Dog Kennel and Cat Kennel

Our boarding kennel is newly renovated!

We have 13 dog kennels that are 4x4 on the inside and 10x4 on the outside. New is our extra large pen for big dogs or a couple of furry friends. Also, we have six comfy spots for cats.

A dog kennel is not just a dog kennel.

It is a safe place for your dog. A stress-free, comfortable environment. We at Wild Forest Adventures aim to make every dog boarding experience a positive one for humans and animals. The kennels for dogs are big enough for any breed, yet they are comfy enough not to be intimidating. When dogs are in unfamiliar situations, they like space that they can control. Our dog kennel size is well thought-through and well-tried. We keep dogs from different households seperate in their kennels. For social interaction we have certain times and a place away from the boarding kennel. There, we carefully pair dogs that get along and like playing together.

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