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Sled Dog Tours
near Grande Prairie

Welcome to Wild Forest Adventures Sled Dog Tours!

Click below for more information on our winter and fall activities and more.

Dog sled adventure

Sled dog tours in your local area

A sled dog tour is a once in a lifetime adventure for the whole family! Not only do you get to know these amazing athletes, you also get to see them in action. And believe us, that is something you will tell your grandkids about. We, the Wild Forest Adventures team work hard to make every single sled dog tour exactly what you hoped for. We will adapt your sled dog tour to your wishes and needs!

The perfect gift

A sled dog tour is also a great gift for a loved one! We offer personalized gift certificates for any kind of dog sled tour or ski lesson. As a former event manager, our ski instructor Shari loves to create unforgettable moments. If you are looking for the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, your birthday or anniversary, let us know! We will make it special.

Winter vs. fall sled dog tours

You have already been on a sled dog tour in the winter? Try a sled dog tour off-snow during the fall! This can be a very different experience. Fall runs are aimed at conditioning the dogs for the long snow season. For us dog mushers that means, we must properly train our dogs. Factors like temperature, humidity and wind have to be taken into account. Instead of doing one run without stops like a sled dog tour in the winter, fall runs can be anything from interval training to heavy pulling.

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