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Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Passionate Sled Dog Team

At Wild Forest Adventures, our sled dog team is the heart and soul of our unique Canadian dog sledding adventures. These incredible dogs, both the girls and boys, play an integral role in creating thrilling experiences for thrill-seeking families. Let's introduce you to the dedicated canines that make our adventures possible.

The Girls:

  1. Flow: Flow is all about grace and determination. She's a natural leader who loves the trail.

  2. Idgie: Idgie is our lively and enthusiastic team member who never seems to run out of energy.

  3. Jersey: Jersey's playful spirit brings joy to every adventure. She's the one who's always up for a game.

  4. Cinderella: Just like her namesake, Cinderella is a true princess of the trail. She's gentle and loves to be pampered.

  5. Hiccup: Hiccup may have an unusual name, but she's incredibly loyal and brings a sense of fun to the team.

  6. Olive: Olive is a seasoned pro, with many trails under her belt. She's a dependable leader who knows the way.

  7. Kiwi: Kiwi is the curious one. She's always exploring, and her sense of adventure is infectious.

The Boys:

  1. Eli: Eli is our gentle giant. He's big on heart and loves to pull his weight on the trail.

  2. Scotty: Scotty is a reliable team member who's always there when you need him.

  3. Woody: Woody's enthusiasm for running is unmatched. He's the energizer bunny of the group.

  4. Walt: Walt is our wise old man. He's seen it all and knows the trails like the back of his paw.

  5. Ludwig: Ludwig is an artist on the snow. He gracefully maneuvers through challenging terrain.

  6. Seven: Seven is the lucky charm of the team. He's always ready to make your adventure a memorable one.

  7. Sage: Sage is calm and collected, with a keen sense of direction. He's a leader in every sense.

Each dog on our team has a unique personality and strengths, and together, they create a harmonious pack that's ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure. Their passion for the trail and their love for running is what makes every Wild Forest Adventures dog sledding experience possible.

When you embark on a dog sledding adventure with us, you're not just getting an adrenaline rush; you're becoming a part of the incredible bond between humans and dogs. It's a partnership that's built on trust, teamwork, and a shared passion for the great outdoors.

So, come and meet our passionate sled dog team and become a part of their next thrilling adventure. Contact us at Wild Forest Adventures to book your Canadian dog sledding experience, where the wild meets the incredible. 🐾❄️

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